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We are grateful for your support to Calista all these years. Not only has she developed her answering techniques for Comprehension, scoring close to full marks for her Prelims, but she has also blossomed in creative writing. I like how she was taught to create her own phrases, similes and metaphors, and apply them to her writing. This is exactly what Creative writing is. She has done really well under your care, culminating in an A* for PSLE English.

Ms Cordelia Xavier • Mother of Calista Chang
Thinktank's Upper Primary enrichment classes seek to nurture the whole child socially, emotionally and academically. Our carefully-crafted programmes not only provide the fundamental building blocks for secondary school but also fosters critical thinking through the exploration of various subject areas in English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science.


Our Upper Primary English Language Arts Programme seeks to elevate a student’s command of the language from prosaic to poetic, from mundane to magical. This we do by encouraging our students to develop a voice in their writing, exposing them to high-quality texts and inspiring them with story plots that are realistic yet not run-off-the-mill. Over time, our students build a repertoire of refined word phrases and vocabulary and learn to write stories with greater depth and a creative edge.

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Our Upper Primary Mathematics Programme aims to develop every child’s desire to learn while simultaneously preparing them for their examinations. Our students revise mathematical topics and concepts learnt since Lower Primary, but also learn new heuristics and problem solving techniques which are relevant and applicable in their examinations. We believe this programme gives our students an added edge in mathematical problem solving as they are taught different ways to tackle difficult question types with sound conceptual understanding.

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With an emphasis on building and reinforcing a strong foundation in the understanding of the Primary Science syllabus, our children experience science concepts in real life through engaging hands-on experiments conducted by our qualified teachers. The worksheets given not only help children revise for their examinations, but are also a nutritious source of interesting Science facts for our young budding scientists to nibble on. The relevance and importance of Science in our daily lives is also highlighted, building a mindset of curious exploration and critical thinking in our children's young minds.

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With a focus on nurturing a natural affinity and appreciation for the language in our students, Thinktank's Chinese Language Arts Programme was birthed from a vision to inspire and enthuse students to enjoy Mandarin. We believe that Chinese Language learning takes root best in an intentional yet spontaneous way through the mediums of art, music and movement, speech and drama, as well as writing. Through experiential learning, children hone their oral and written skills, making the process of learning Mandarin both fun and meaningful.

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