At the Thinktank, we believe that as much as we nurture our students to excel in their academics, it is also of utmost importance to build up their compassion towards society. As such, each year at the Thinktank sees a variety of community service projects carried out in-house.


We involved our students in the giving of CNY gift bags to the less-fortunate families in Singapore, where they thoughtfully prepared personalised cards for each gift bag. The hand-packed goodies were delivered to these underprivileged families to share the joy of the Chinese New Year, inculcating the message in our students to always give back to society, no matter how big or small the act is.

The Thinktank Difference


Improving the community around us is another one of Thinktank’s strong beliefs. We decided to contribute back to society through our strengths, helping tertiary students from Thailand hone their English-speaking abilities through our well-developed English Oral Presentation Skills classes that are also highly popular amongst Thinktank students.

Our English teachers worked hard to prepare these students for their entry into the workforce, where they are better able to overcome the language barrier due to the lack of exposure to the English language in their home country. We believe that this programme will help cultivate future leaders who can articulate well and contribute effectively to our society, uninhibited by their personal background.

Our teachers