Ad-hoc Classes

Passionate about holistic education and skilled in pedagogy, our teachers tailor instruction to each student's learning ability.

Whether you're looking for an extra boost in select topics or require help in preparation for an upcoming examination, we've got you covered.

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Private Classes

One-to-one or Two-to-one

At Thinktank, we understand that some students will benefit more from an individualised approach to learning. Our customised individual classes are tailored specifically to a child's learning ability, enabling him to learn at his own pace. Our teachers are better able to monitor and track your child's learning, causing him to be more confident and better able to achieve his academic goals.

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Test Preparation

High-stakes examinations have their role and place in teaching and learning.

At Thinktank, students explore the many different types of assessment methods, each appropriate for assessing different types of learning outcomes in a group or customised one-to-one setting.

Thinktank’s Test Preparation series provides students with the necessary tools to be test-savvy, exam-ready and prepared for their next educational embarkation.

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Elementary Levels

GEP (Gifted Education Programme

DSA (Direct School Adm​issions, Singapore) & Portfolio Management


Higher Levels

ISEE (International School Entrance Exams)

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

ACT (American College Testing)


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