Back On Track

Writer's Workshop (EL)

MON - WED  7 - 9 SEPT    12PM - 2PM

Oil those wheels, and write away! This September Holiday, get junior back on track as we navigate through and master the Situational Writing component of the English Language Paper 1.

Writer's Workshop (CL)

WED - FRI   9 - 11 SEPT   9.30AM - 11.30AM 

This 3-day Writer's Workshop is specially designed to scaffold learners by helping them develop a greater proficiency in, and a deeper understanding of the Chinese language. Accomplished via an interactive series of reading and writing exercises, your child is sure to have their linguistic prowess fine-tuned in no time.


WED - FRI    9 - 11 SEPT    12PM - 2PM               

Peering into the topics of Percentage and Problem Solving, our young learners are bound to work up a sweat as they leave this bootcamp with their gears running and their Math Muscles greatly strengthened.


MON - WED    7 - 9 SEPT    9.30AM - 11.30AM

Be ushered into the World of Energy & Interactions this holiday, as our budding scientists on this programme have their appetites whetted with a handful of Science Staples. Then, watch as they have their analytical skills further honed and answering techniques refined via a thorough exploration of common examination question types.