Wordsmiths (EL)

WED - FRI     9 - 11 SEPT     12PM - 1.45PM  (FA)
MON - WED   7 - 9 SEPT       12PM - 1.45PM (BP)

Write away, and write right! This September Holiday, let your child be armed with an array of tools in their Writer’s Toolbox as they gather a collection of refined literary tools right at their fingertips. Then, watch as they weave them skilfully into their writing, allowing their stories to come alive — skipping right off those pages.

Math Mettle

MON - WED    7 - 9 SEPT    2 - 3.30PM 

Introducing model-drawing and other problem solving tools, our young learners are bound to work up a sweat as they leave this bootcamp with their gears running and their Math Muscles greatly strengthened.