Our Secondary Programmes include: the flagship Thinktank Core Curriculum (English) (Secondary), our writing-intensive Literature Skills Seminars, a subject-specific Humanities Programme (Social Studies, History, Geography, Economics, Theory of Knowledge) as well as individually-targeted Thinktank Clinics. All our sessions are steeped in a tradition of systematic and learner-focused instruction, oriented towards the holistic nurturing of confident, critical and creative young individuals. We aim to bring together and build a classroom of confident explorers through engaged discussions and enriching global perspectives. Contact us today to learn about the Thinktank Difference.

We offer differently catered classes and programmes for various local and international schools' curricula needs. Each seminar track is offered with a distinct focus and target audience in mind.

Core Curriculum (English)

Inspire confidence, articulate global philosophies and communicate masterfully. The Thinktank Core Curriculum (English) (Secondary) empowers students with the narrative craft and expository style to shape their ideas into precise and clear writing.


Drawing upon a thematic approach with topics ranging from politics, philosophy and poverty, to personalities, places and pets, our masterclass focuses on core critical thinking and linguistic skills for IB, IGCSE, O Level and other students.

Our tried and tested approach provides coverage of and targets key competencies such as active reading and interpretation, identifying assumptions, arguments, thematic focus and question type(s), summarising, visual and media literacy, as well as characterisation, sensory and socio-emotional sensitivity.

Ideal for learners from 12 to 18 years of age hoping to be inspired by or acquire effective writing and idea-generating strategies, and to identify, diagnose and address key weaknesses in their language use, confidence, expression and thought processes.

No other programme or classroom environment compares to the Thinktank Difference: we create inclusive spaces for constructive discussions and the cross-fertilisation of diverse ideas and values, engaging learners of all nationalities, ethnic and financial backgrounds.

* The Thinktank Core Curriculum (English) (Secondary) is modelled on rigorous academic research and methodology from world-leading universities, across the disciplines of educational psychology, applied linguistics and the cognitive sciences. Implicit and targeted competencies include: cause-effect relationships, scales of impact, design thinking, complexity and problem definition, cost-benefit analysis, as well as rhetorical strategies and modes of persuasion.

Thinktank Clinics

Our famed Thinktank Clinics are one-to-one sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of each young learner. These sessions may be conducted for English and/or Humanities subjects, and either face-to-face or via e-conferencing.


Weekly online assistance is also provided for both school assignments and additional home-practices. Thinktank Clinics are highly recommended for IP/IB students for a targeted approach to learning and improvement. It is also recommended for weaker GCE O/A Level students who require individual assistance in particular components and skills.

Literature Skills

What makes great writing truly timeless? The Thinktank Literature Skills seminars breathe a new lease of life into the inter-cultural literary classics of the 19th and 20th Century - from the Industrial Revolution, First and Second World Wars, to the rise of gender, racial and postcolonial movements.

Explore global and Singaporean literature through the lens of historical events and the voices of inspirational writers, as we dissect the powerful poetic, narrative and dramatic conventions and techniques that endure till our present day. Our seminars interrogate the use of literary devices and figurative language in depth, examining the nuances and complexities of imagery, simile, metaphor and personification, as well as other linguistic features. Perfect for students aiming to write strong literary analyses and essays.