Preschool Programmes (N2-K2)

Our Preschool Programme will prime your child for primary education by establishing the foundational aspects of reading, listening, speaking, writing and numeracy. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 5 children to allow our teachers to customize lessons to suit each child’s learning pace. 


Language Arts

The Thinktank Preschool English Language Arts Programme treats Thinktank preschoolers as holistic learners, developing their critical and comprehension skills. The Thinktank classroom comes alive with laughter and fun, intentionally injected to cultivate their love for learning from a young age. With our small class sizes, the Thinktank preschooler is empowered with the foundational skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing through story-writing and well-crafted visual stimuli, critical to their success in primary education.


Thinktank’s Preschool Mathematics Programme helps young children to be mathematics-ready for Primary Math. We believe in the use of interactive methods to engage our preschoolers and to help them experience Math in a more tangible form. Activities and games are incorporated into a day’s lesson to enhance learning, and materials, such as beads, counters and sticks provide concrete experiences of learning to count and comprehension of numbers. Our preschoolers hone their accuracy in estimation of measurement in length, height, weight, time, and have a strong mathematical literacy and foundation from a young age.