Lower Primary Programmes

Primary enrichment classes at Thinktank seek to nurture the whole child socially, emotionally and academically. Our carefully-crafted programmes not only provide the fundamental building blocks for secondary school but also fosters critical thinking through the exploration of various subject areas in English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science.

English (P1-P2)

At Thinktank, our Lower Primary English Language Arts Programme builds a strong foundation in our students’ command of the English language to serve them well in their Upper Primary years. Our lessons are thoughtfully designed to ensure full coverage of essential skills and strategies needed for comprehension, correct grammar usage, writing with appropriate vocabulary, and other key components. Our students are also taught critical reading skills and how to write captivating stories with rich vocabulary.

Mathematics (P1-P2)

Thinktank’s Lower Primary Mathematics Programme helps young minds to see mathematical connections in everyday life. We know that young children learn Math best through play and exploration, and use games and manipulatives to expose and familiarise them with new Math concepts. Math problems are broken down to their underlying concepts to ensure coherence in our young learners, aided by our use of innovative Playfacto manipulatives that heightens their engagement in the subject. Our lower primary students are equipped with the necessary skills to tackle higher level concepts due to the strong mathematical foundation built.


Thinktank’s Chinese language arts programme focuses on nurturing a natural affinity and appreciation for the language in our students. Birthed from a vision to inspire, infuse and enthuse students to enjoy Mandarin, we believe Chinese language learning takes root best in an intentional yet spontaneous way through the mediums of art, music and movement, speech and drama and writing. Through experiential learning, children hone their oral and written skills making the process of learning Mandarin both fun and meaningful.