English Rudiments

MON - WED   19 - 21 OCT    11AM - 12.45PM

Unpack the intricacies, read between the lines. This programme makes easy the various components of the English Paper 2 for our young learners by equipping them with critical reading skills and the right know-how.


MON - WED    19 - 21 OCT    9.15AM - 11AM 

This 3-day Chinese Programme is specially designed to scaffold learners by helping them develop a greater proficiency in, and a deeper understanding of the Chinese language. Accomplished via an interactive series of reading and writing exercises, your child is sure to have their linguistic prowess fine-tuned in no time.


TUE - THUR    20 - 22 OCT    9.15AM - 11AM                

Peering into topics including Ratio, Percentage and Problem Solving, our young learners are bound to work up a sweat as they leave this bootcamp with their gears running and their Math Muscles greatly strengthened.


TUE - THUR   20 - 22 OCT    1PM - 2.45PM

Exploring topics including Water cycles and Electricity, our budding scientists on this programme are bound to have their appetites whetted with a handful of Science Staples. Then, watch as they have their analytical skills further honed and answering techniques refined via a thorough exploration of common examination question types.