LOWER SEC - WEEK 4 9.30-11.30AM (MON-WED) 
UPPER SEC - WEEK 4 9.30-11.30AM (THU-SAT) 

Become a confident and articulate global philosopher and communicator, this December, and beyond. The Thinktank (English) Language Arts Masterclass empowers students with the narrative craft and expository style to shape their ideas into precise and clear writing. Drawing upon a thematic approach with topics ranging from politics and poverty, to pets and personalities, our masterclass focuses on core critical thinking and linguistic skills for IB, IGCSE, O Level and other students. Ideal for learners hoping to review, be inspired or acquire effective writing strategies, and to identify, diagnose and address key weaknesses in their language use and expression. 


WEEK 4 11.45AM -1.45PM (THU-SAT) 

What makes great writing truly timeless? The Thinktank Literature Series breathes a new lease of life into the inter-cultural literary classics of the 19th and 20th Century - from the Industrial Revolution, First and Second World Wars, to the rise of gender, racial and postcolonial movements. Explore global and Singaporean literature through the lens of historical events and the voices of inspirational writers, as we dissect the powerful poetic, narrative and dramatic conventions and techniques that endure till our present day. Perfect as an introductory and revision workshop for writing strong literary analyses and essays. 


Dec 16-21

Week 4


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