PRIMARY 2 / 3 (2023)
Classes will be conducted by levels

ENGLISH (5-Day Prog)
$486.85 w/gst

28 Nov – 2 Dec  or  5 – 9 Dec  (Mon – Fri)
9.15 – 11am

Rudiments (2 days)
Your child will unpack the intricacies of the various components of the English Language Paper Two by simplifying them into simple and manageable steps. Strategies to tackle the examination requirements will also be imparted.

Writing (3 days)
As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword. Our Writer's Workshop delves into writing and spinning tales to captivate and wow readers of all ages.

Explore techniques for narratives e.g. plot planning, scene setting, characterisation, development of gripping climaxes, compelling conclusions for the narrative, brainstorming and organisation. Students will also pick up techniques related to varying sentence structures to enrich their writing.

CHINESE (5-Day Prog)
$486.85 w/gst

28 Nov – 2 Dec  (Mon – Fri)
11.15am – 1pm

Your child will have fun composing stories through thought-provoking comics, weaving plot structure and learning conclusions with a twist over a week-long immersion at Thinktank. Your child can also look forward to having their oratorical skills honed via speech dramatisation and our in-house oracy programme!

$486.85 w/gst

28 Nov – 2 Dec (Mon – Fri)
11.15am – 1pm

Demystify mysterious math concepts over the course of 5 days. Designed to provide a strong head start for the academic year ahead, our Thinktankers are sure to sum it up just right!

2023 P2 topics covered:
1) Model Drawing
2) Measurement
3) Problem Solving & Heuristics

2023 P3 topics covered:
1) Model Drawing
2) Whole Numbers
3) Multiplication & Division
4) Money

SuperScience Me (5-Day Prog)
$486.85 w/gst

5 – 9 Dec  (Mon – Fri)
11.15am – 1pm

Learning Science comes with life; it is an integral part of growing up. Every new thing has a name, every question must be expressed before it can be answered. Utilising an inquiry-based approach that aims to build up their observational and analytical skills, our young ones are in for a ride as they dig deep via research, mini experiments, and insights from experts to understand local weather phenomena and their accompanying issues; thereby coming up with probable plans and sustainable solutions.

Light the spark of curiosity this December and join us for some experimental and environmental Science bites!