Have your child join us for our tried and tested P1Intensive Head Start Programme this December. Watch as he overcomes his hurdles and breezes through his transition to primary school. With an emphasis on core skills across English, Math & Chinese, this 10-day intensive course will fill the gaps in learning and give your child the boost they need. 

ENGLISH (10-day Prog)

WEEK 1   MON-FRI  9.30AM -11AM
WEEK 2   MON-FRI  9.30AM - 11AM

Grammar, reading and writing will be covered extensively through story craft and comprehension, giving them the opportunity to go beyond rote learning, putting their critical reading skills down into practice.

CHINESE (5-day Prog)

WEEK 2   MON-FRI  11.15AM - 12.45PM

This interactive programme will focus on Hanyu Pinyin, Vocabulary, Oratorical Skills and Writing.

Our classes will incorporate writing, reading and comprehension to equip your child with the essential Chinese Language skills and vocabulary for Primary 1 whilst being nurtured to develop a love for the language.

MATH (5-day Prog)

WEEK 1    MON-FRI  11.15AM -12.45PM

Our in-house programme emphasises the honing of number sense and mastery of numeracy concepts. It aims to sharpen the problem solving skills of our young 'uns across topics such as addition and subtraction, patterns, number bonds, length and graphs.


Dec 07-11

Week 1

Dec 14-18

Week 2