English - Primary (P1-6)

  • Class Overview

    Our popular English classes cover the components of writing, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and oral literacy.

    In writing, skills are taught progressively resulting in work that grows increasingly sophisticated in content and nuanced in expression. Aided by apt and precise vocabulary, this scaffolded approach gives children the strategies with which to write with confidence and clarity.


  • Learning objectives for P1 and P2:

    • develop inferential and critical reading skills
    • form strong story sequencing skills
    • start and end a story well
    • use of correct grammar
    • use of direct speech in writing
    • create characters using rich vocabulary
  • Learning objectives for P3 and P4:

    • read critically using contextual clues, scanning, making predictions, drawing inferences and conclusions
    • plan story to include setting, problem, climax, resolution and conclusion
    • write interesting introductions
    • develop characters’ feelings, thoughts and actions
    • build extensive vocabulary
    • use literary devices in writing
    • vary sentence lengths and structure
    • write conclusions
  • Learning Objectives for P5 and P6:

    • introduce sophisticated story elements into plot (e.g. minor and major complications)
    • write using a range of literary devices
    • build a repertoire of refined word phrases and vocabulary
    • develop characters using internal monologues, background and motivation
    • inject stories with a range of tones
    • craft story conclusions with extended range of techniques
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