• Enrolling your child with us at Thinktank is an easy process. We encourage you to come and visit us to learn more about our teaching methods, curriculum and class schedules. Administrators will be happy to assist you.

    Pre-enrolment assessment
    For preschoolers looking to enrol for Kindergarten and Nursery programmes, a pre-enrolment assessment will help to benchmark your child’s level of proficiency. Based on the assessment, our teachers will customise a curriculum appropriate to your child’s learning pace and level.

    Trial classes
    Primary school students are encouraged to participate in a paid trial class. Through a trial, your child is able to have first-hand experience of how classes are conducted and to interact with their fellow classmates. After the trial class, the teacher-in-charge can provide you with a brief overview on how to take the next step in your child’s learning.

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