About Thinktank

  • Overview

    Established in 2008, Thinktank is an enrichment centre that seeks to grow inquisitive, independent and informed learners. Since then, we have grown to be a reputable enrichment centre of choice with two centres, one in Namly Place and another in Frankel Avenue.

    We conduct enrichment classes in English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. Woven through our programmes are the basic tenets of Language Arts, Cognitive Development, Structured Play and Social Development which, we believe, form the foundation of learning.

  • Mission & Philosophy

    At Thinktank, we recognise that given a nurturing environment, a constructive curriculum and dedicated teaching, all children will grow to be independent, inquisitive and informed thinkers who are socially savvy and able to navigate a world that is constantly evolving.

    Nestled in cosy neighbourhoods, Thinktank provides a homely and stimulating setting for children to explore and discover, question and create. Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed and equipped with the latest audiovisual technology to keep the learning process engaging and current. Embracing children of all learning styles and needs in our fervent belief that every child is unique, children find in our centers a safe and positive environment with the socio-emotional space to grow and learn.

    • “We’ve taught you that the earth is round.
      That red and white make pink,
      And something else that matters more –
      We’ve taught you how to think.”
      – Dr. Seuss –

  • Curriculum

    Thinktank takes a holistic approach to education that is structured, yet child-centred. Our curriculum is based on sound child development theories and innovative pedagogies. Multi-sensorial, especially in the preschool years, Thinktank’s curriculum is scaffolded to help children achieve their learning objectives progressively. Our curriculum writers take great care to craft material that widens the worldview of our learners.

  • Our Events

    • Celebrating Children’s Day 2016
      A week-long festival Celebrating Children was held in early October to coincide with Children’s Day. Taking a respite from preparing for their exams, kids enjoyed dressing up at the photo booth, tucking into snacks and painting. In collaboration with Toys from the Heart, our children donated a truckload full of pre-loved toys and books to other children in need.
    • Thinktank opens at 69 Frankel Avenue
      We celebrated the opening of our new centre in the East with 'Open House' festivities over two Saturdays in September - September 3rd and 10th 2016. Those who dropped by had a chance to explore our pedagogical approach to language learning. Pre-schoolers played a plethora of phonics games and and primary students engaged in specially-crafted language games. The feeding of the mind was complemented by a hearty tea spread. Thank you for your support as we launch into the East!